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2019 ZUMBA® Schedule:
Mon 5:45pm The Hiland Studio G
Wed 5:45pm The Hiland Studio G

Studio G: use north lot, west-most door.
ALL OTHERS: use south lot, east-most door.

Welcome to Bentley Dance Fit featuring weekly ZUMBA® fitness classes! Drop in any time, no membership needed, credit cards accepted. Classes are 1 hour and parking is free.

My goal is for you to enjoy and be energized by dance fitness. I strive to bring a variety of styles and choreographies to class to keep you challenged while giving you time to master routines. Playlists are updated each class with a mix of old favorites, brand new choreos, and choreography we're mastering. I'm happy when I'm seeing smiles on your faces!

Class is targeted towards being fairly high energy, but can be adjusted as needed. Measured by Fitbit, I burn about 800 calories during our class, and 1000 including my own warmup review before class starts. That's more than I get in an hour or running or rigorous weight lifting. It's the most fun calorie burn you'll find!

Walk-ins, first timers, guests, friends, and regulars all welcome! Bring water and athletic shoes. Credit cards accepted, and discount punch cards are available. Come for regular new choreography! I'm looking forward to seeing you!

zumba class zumba class

Licensed ZUMBA® fitness instructor Bentley Laaksonen brings Zumba fitness to Nob Hill, Albuquerque! I've been a Zumba fitness addict since 2008, and started teaching in 2012. Prior to discovering Zumba fitness, I studied modern dance, hip-hop, African, flamenco, Mexican folk, and ballroom. Zumba fitness brings movements from many of these styles into the classroom in a high-energy package that's easy and fun to follow. Whether you're a newcomer, or seasoned dancer, front row or back, everyone has a great time in class! I'm a high energy instructor so please bring your water bottles and be prepared to burn those calories, sweat, and feel great! Come try it, I guarantee you will have a blast! I look forward to meeting you!